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News Release: New Patent Issued

Jan 12, 2021

Paricon Technologies announces the awarding of a new patent (US 10,892,574).

The patent describes a unique connector that mates ribbon cables (made with round wires) to PCBs (with flat contact pads). The interconnect is a compliant anisotropic conductive material.

The simple, short interconnect results in minimal degradation of signals or power.

The solder-free interconnect has a contact resistance of < 10mΩ.


A ribbon-cable connector with a low-profile clamp and a strain relief


Connectors are custom-designed to the specific needs of each customer. After the development stage and tooling is complete, shipments are done in 2-4 weeks.

For further information, please contact

News Release: Chiplet substrates now available

Nov 6, 2020

Paricon Technologies announces the availability of multilayer polyimide substrates used in Chiplet packaging, or device-testing space transformers.

The typical pitch on the wafer side of the substrate is about 50 µm. The typical pitch on the PCB side is about 0.5mm. The substrates typically have 10 routing layers and measure up to 50mm x 50mm. The pads, traces, and vias are copper.

The polyimide dielectric constant is 2.9 and the CTE is 3 ppm/°K.

Lead time is 8-10 weeks (including custom routing, mask fabrication, production, and 100% continuity testing).


A Chiplet substrate with 8,000 contact pads.


All substrates are custom. Contact for further details.

News release for Sockets for very large BGAs  

Aug 17, 2020

New case study for XILINX sockets

A new case study has been added to the Test section of the web site.

Very large BGAs pose some real challenges for test and OEM sockets. Thousands of reliable contacts need to be made. Thermal management is always a concern. And the costs can be higher than desired.

The new case study summarizes the socket features needed to work with very large BGA packages like the ones used by Xilinx and other IC manufacturers.

Xilink FPGA


PariProbe® sockets for large BGAs are usually custom designed, and can be shipped in 4-6 weeks.