Test sockets for copper pillars

LGA Socket

Sockets for large BGAs

The Test market needs dependability and low cost per line. Paricon’s signature product (anisotropic elastomeric fabric – the PariPoser® fabric) excels at both.

When properly implemented and maintained, the contact resistance will stay below 30 mΩ for over a million cycles and 10 years of use. For some PariPoser® fabric options, the contact resistance is actually below 10 mΩ – and stable over cycles and time.

The excellent mechanical durability is due to the relatively low metal fill (10%) used to make the fabric. Other elastomeric contact technologies use about 85% metal fill to achieve sufficient conductivity. As a result, their elastomers quickly loose elastomeric strength after a low number of cycles or the passing of time.

Elastomeric contacts are a very different approach for test engineers familiar with spring pins. To help you make the adjustments in your project, be sure to inquire about one of the information packets found in the Contact section.

If other contact methods are better for your project, we will make sure that you will get the precise performance and products you need.